The Hardest Truth To Get Across

Posted: December 6, 2010 in Sin

Here is one of my blog post’s from the Campus Outreach Blog:

Truth: Romans 3:23– for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. The hardest truth to get across to people is that they are sinful at their core and that their sin is horribly offensive to God. D.A. Carson says this in his book Scandalous, “The hardest truth to get across to them is not the existence of God, the Trinity, the deity of Christ, Jesus’ substitutionary atonement, or Jesus’ resurrection… No, the hardest truth to get across to this generation is what the Bible says about sin… It is so hard to get across how ugly sin is to God.”

This is one of the main objectives in ministry. Show people their sin from the bible and pray that the Spirit would convict them of their depravity. Why? Because this is how God has ordered salvation. They only way that anyone has ever put their faith in Christ and treasured him is when they feel the offensiveness of their sin towards God and the utter helplessness of their current condition. The people who come to Christ are the people who are broken over sin and see that they can’t live up to God’s perfect standard. They not only say, “I need Christ,” they say, “Christ is all I have!” If you don’t see your unrighteousness you won’t ever embrace Christ’s righteousness on your behalf.

This post is a reminder to others and to myself to continue laboring to see your own sin and help others see theirs. It is the hardest truth to preach to others and to self but it is the pathway to joy in Christ. The good news is so sweet when the bad news is proclaimed correctly. As D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones says, “You must be made miserable before you can know true Christian joy.”


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