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Do You Have a Growing Distaste For Sin?

Posted: December 24, 2009 in Sin

Any disquieting of sin that merely hates the consequence of sin is from the flesh or the world; any conviction of sin that hates the sin itself is from God and the working of the Holy Spirit.

Here are a few thought-provoking quotes from Owen, Washer, and Piper about the Christians’ disposition towards sin:

“When men are wounded by sin, disquieted and perplexed, and knowing that there is no remedy for them but only in the mercies of God, through the blood of Christ, do therefore look to him, and to the promises of the covenant in him, and thereupon quiet their hearts that it shall be well with them, and that God will be exalted, that he may be gracious to them, and yet their souls are not wrought to the greatest detestation of the sin or sins upon the account whereof they are disquieted — this is to heal themselves, and not to be healed of God. This is but a great and strong wind, that the Lord is nigh unto, but the Lord is not in the wind [1 Kings 19:11]. When men do truly “look upon Christ whom they have pierced,” without which there is no healing or peace, they will “mourn” (Zech. 12:10); they will mourn for him, even upon this account, and detest the sin that pierced him.”  – John Owen

“The sign of a genuine work of God in the heart is that you begin to hate the sin you once loved, and to love the righteousness you once ignored.”  – Paul Washer

“So the mark of the born-again person is, ‘I hate my sin.'” – John Piper