Posted: November 9, 2009 in Gospel

perspective sun

People in general have an inaccurate or just a bad perspective on most things in life. That’s why we have expressions like, “It’s just a game,” “It’s not the end of the world,” or “There are more important things in life than…” If athletes had a good perspective, most of them wouldn’t pound their chest and think they were ‘the man’ because they realized there are more gifted athletes than them. If the 16 year old girl on My Super Sweet Sixteen had a good perspective, she wouldn’t cry when her dad got her a BMW instead of a Mercedes because she would understand that she’s fortunate to even get a car.  If most Americans had a good perspective, they wouldn’t complain about mediocre food because they know that a lot of the world is scrapping for food just to stay alive. The point is simply this: In general, people (including myself) have a hard time putting things into perspective.

So what should shape our perspective on life more than anything else? Is it not the reality of the cross? Is it not the good news that God has sent Christ into the world to save people from their sin? In light of this event in human history, we can gain a true and good perspective on life. Here at the cross we can see how ugly and vile sin is – for nothing short of God’s beloved Son could satisfy his wrath and hatred against sin. Here at the cross we see God’s immeasurable love in giving his Son as a sacrifice to justify his enemies. Here at the cross we see God’s sovereignty and power in his ability to save sinners. At the cross, when truly grasped, people see that they are ill-deserving, but they get grace solely because of God’s goodness through Christ.

Although perspective can be gained in understanding that there are others with more talent than me, or others with less material goods than me, or even that I am only 1 person out of 6,000,000,000 in the world. Ultimate perspective in life can only come through interacting with the marvelous wonder of the cross. When the Spirit soften ones heart to it; thankfulness, humility, and love will over flow in all circumstances because we are starting to see things with the right perspective.


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