Mark Driscoll on ABC’s Nightline

Posted: October 16, 2009 in Culture

If you didn’t catch Mark Driscoll on ABC’s Nightline show over a week ago talking about idolatry, check out the video below. Terry Morgan and ABC interviewed Mark Driscoll about the 2nd commandment after he made a twitter post about Michael Jackson and idolatry. Before you watch the video, here is a excerpt of Mark Driscoll describing the interview.

“I sat down for about 30 minutes with Terry, and we talked about how idolatry underlies all sin, how it is rooted on a false promise of happiness, how it ultimately destroys, how it is often the result of turning a good thing into an ultimate thing, and how it shows itself in our culture in how we idolize celebrities, athletes, food, family, sex, money, relationships, and achievement—or rather, what we call American culture.

…Most importantly the Nightline team gave me the chance to explain how Jesus is the only answer to all of our idolatry:

  • Idols take. Jesus gives.
  • Idols destroy life. Jesus gives new life.
  • Idols break apart people and relationships. Jesus redeems and heals.

…Please join me in praying that God would work through this to overcome our rebellion and turn all of us—believers and non-believers alike—from our worthless idols to the only true King, Jesus.”

-Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill Blog


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